Week One – summary

Technology should not be the primary driver of educational activity; it should support it.

Quote from ‘Beyond Prototypes’  http://www.beyondprototypes.com

… first the important stuff – more badges!

week-0-tel-one-100x100 week-0-tel-explorer-100x100 week-0-webinar-100x100week-1-check-in-100x100week-1-webinar-100x100(working on the Explore one for Week 1!)

It’s been a busy week and I am still wading through posts to collect those gems of information and experiences.

New experiences – So far I have tried WordPress (obviously – duh), Scoop.it, Twitter (but my phone isn’t allowing me to log in only by PC – kind of defeats the object somehow!), Google + – again failed to find a forum here – is there one? I’ll pass on Minecraft in case I get as addicted as my 14 year old son and there’s no cure yet. There’s still time for experimentation.



Big and Little Questions

Please reflect on your work experience and ambitions for developing your teaching.

  • Can you identify the most important question about TEL that matters to you?

How can I engage academic staff with using TEL for the right reasons and in the best way

  • Write down your reflections on this and share online …

I am sure that if the academic staff would pro-actively take ownership of their courses online and use it for more than an information dump then students would be encouraged to interact more with it and get more from it. Obviously using the VLE is by no means the be-all of technology;s offerings and there are other tools out there which can be using seperately or incorporated into the VLE to enhance learning. As students use more mobile devices and smart phones so we are looking into supporting the courses using these this year. However the vision for using them is so limited. One member of staff only wants the students to access PDFs’ from it via the Blackboard App on their mobile device – nothing else.

The struggle we are facing to generally engage staff is huge and daunting as there are only a few of us to do this. I have found forums like this very useful – for one thing I discover that we are not alone and others face the same resitance – or apathy – or is it fear of getting it wrong? I think we will have to take small steps and show by examples and case studies what can be done. I think recommendation by peers could be quite a motivator and once people see that some technological tools can be useful (as long as it is used to make teaching easier/relevant, learning more effective/deeper, and isn’t just introduced because it is new and shiney)they may be more willing to give it a go.


    • your previous experiences with TEL and what technology was involved;

The VLE I suppose as a start, but I have used blogs like WordPress and Twitter (on one BYOD course) using mobile phones or tablets only)

    • any differences you noticed in the way you absorb, reflect, discuss, act

I work better if I have time to read and think about what I am going to write – I can’t be spontaneous I am afraid! I am getting better though nad the more I do the more willing I am to creep out of my shell and actually post something

    • your experiences as a student, a teacher, learning technologist or indeed some other role;

I’ll fill this in later when I have written my epic

    • if this is your first experience of TEL, the expectations you have of it.

I have done a TEL course before – hoping to get insight from others in using TEL – perhaps good ideas – what’s going on elsewhere etc…


Week One

This is week one on the course. I am spending the first day or so just looking at the set up and where all collaborative places are so that I can choose which to join. With the best will in the world I cannot join them all so I have chosen the forum in the course, one of the groups and Twitter (when I can get it to open on my phone!). I’ll see how that goes and if I want to join any others.
I am really keen on getting badges – got one so far just because I joined. Good start.


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